You must do the things you think you cannot do.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, June 25, 2010


Today is my birthday. I've gotten really lazy when it comes to blogging. Most of it has to do with my realization that quite a bit of my desire to blog came from making money (believe it or not I have been paid $400 for a single text link, two words/one year, in the past) and further, that the good money is definitely not in blogging (at least, not for me). I wanted to use it to help develop my skills too; but, I don't know if blogging is the best way to develop potential in whatever you're trying to improve.

So much of the time one puts into blogging goes into constructing a skeleton of an article that will hopefully make sense to someone else. You really aren't writing for yourself. Sometimes you get good ideas and suggestions, but, besides a great venue for making friends, most of my ideas were gathered through rigorous trial and error. Try, fail/succeed, then modify. Repeat. Not so much writing about them, as by getting my hands dirty (and my wallet).

Anyway, today is my birthday. I would love to be making a million dollars a year right now. But really, I didn't have any such thing in the works to occur by this day.

My thoughts are terribly scattered. Obviously (I feel).

And I wanted to put the fact that my friend's and my poker bot is functional at the 90 table play money tables (made it to some final tables) and will be functional at the real money tables shortly. I obviously can't give you too many details, what with various big named poker sites trying their best to prevent such things from happening (I would prefer not to have my account frozen and closed).

But in the future, I'll definitely give more details. Making a bot, while time consuming, isn't as hard as it would seem. I don't want to say it's _easy_ as you probably want to be at least a marginally profitable poker player, and most people would say that's difficult (I would have to agree). But it really isn't as hard as some people would like you to think.

This time next year, I hope to have a degree (I missed several years of school in there), a side income from botting, and have taken a step back into the trading ring (I've been doing some micro forex trading recently*)

(*FXCM has some nice software to help making your own automated trading program. And it's free (albeit, you have to sign up to use it)). MULTIPLE PARENTHESIS!

But, things aren't too bad. Another year, another 365 days, another, what is that in moments? We'll have to see how my brain determines that process this year. Let's stay mentally active, fit, and healthy.



  1. Happy birthday ANON!! And great long post. I have been doing badly in poker man. Hope some day I'll do as good as u.

    Enjoy ur day out and hope ur birthday wish come true!!

  2. Hey Black! (Thanks for the B-day wishes)

    Poker is a great game for developing certain instincts and skills. But, really, if you can develop your abilities at trading, it has so much more to offer you than poker. The champion poker players make maybe 8million a year (I could be wrong, but...) while the champion traders make 1bill+ a year (hence, it doesn't really matter whether I'm wrong about how much champ pro poker players make...they're in completely different ball parks).

    Plus, as far as I am concerned, poker is a game. It's a sport (in a sense). And it provides society with similar payouts that a sport does (albeit, not nearly as unifying as say soccer or football/ the europeans/non-americans: forgive my Americanisms :)).

    Poker is just a game, whereas trading can be seen as a game and as something ultimately very necessary for a capitalist (and I'd argue, to some extent, modern/healthy) society to function. You need markets. You need risk takers. And these are "real" risks. You're buying commodities, or currencies, or whatnot in order to build a market in order to create a system of material values. We need values in order to have transactions and we need transactions in order to survive. Poor idea development, perhaps, but hope you get what I'm trying to say.

    Anyway, I fully support poker playing :) You can make some amazing friends and learn a ton about yourself. Profitability is tougher. But, there's more to gain than just a couple extra bucks.