You must do the things you think you cannot do.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Clock In

I've been playing the .25/.50 tables for the last week or two and have raked in winnings of $200 (400 BBs or four buyins). At the moment I am sticking to a single table in order to maximally exploit all opponents and maintain focus. There are extended moments where I instinctively know exactly how much to bet in order to make an opponent fold or call and sometimes even raise (slightly more difficult, for me at least). I get in the zone.

In order to maintain the zone for longer periods of time, I'm doing all I can to think and rethink various plays when I'm not at the tables. If I can continue to train my actions, I hope to be able to instinctively act upon the myriads of scenarios that emerge while at the felt.

Anyway, the goal is $300. Then I am taking all profits out. I'm then planning on aiming for $1,000 after which I'll withdraw $500 and move to the .50/1 tables. I'd like to have enough to open an S&P e-mini account by the end of the year.

We'll see; I have a lot of school work and miscellaneous obligations at the moment. I'd really love to post some hand histories with commentary. I'm trying to get out a little bit more too. More, hopefully, very soon.