You must do the things you think you cannot do.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Clock In

I've been playing the .25/.50 tables for the last week or two and have raked in winnings of $200 (400 BBs or four buyins). At the moment I am sticking to a single table in order to maximally exploit all opponents and maintain focus. There are extended moments where I instinctively know exactly how much to bet in order to make an opponent fold or call and sometimes even raise (slightly more difficult, for me at least). I get in the zone.

In order to maintain the zone for longer periods of time, I'm doing all I can to think and rethink various plays when I'm not at the tables. If I can continue to train my actions, I hope to be able to instinctively act upon the myriads of scenarios that emerge while at the felt.

Anyway, the goal is $300. Then I am taking all profits out. I'm then planning on aiming for $1,000 after which I'll withdraw $500 and move to the .50/1 tables. I'd like to have enough to open an S&P e-mini account by the end of the year.

We'll see; I have a lot of school work and miscellaneous obligations at the moment. I'd really love to post some hand histories with commentary. I'm trying to get out a little bit more too. More, hopefully, very soon.


  1. When did you start playing 50NL (.25 / .50), poker is a crazy game I also play it to fuel $$$ for trading / additional income. I'm currently a much sharper card player I think than a trader, I remember reading a post of yours about poker botting and think that will not work. The simple reason is because (and I'm not trying to say you don' t already know this and I'm in no way trying to insult your intelligence) poker is a game of adaptation. Making a call down (all in) with Q-10 on a A-Q-4-2-3 board is sometimes the correct move against a certain opponent whereas A-Q for top 2 might be an easy fold, it's entirely situational and bots can't make those decisions.

  2. I have been playing poker for a little over a year, but I have played a ton of poker during that time period. I used to play four tables at a time fairly regularly with 16-20 tables being my max phase (hard to keep that many tables active). For 50NL, I began playing maybe 7 months ago, but only minimally. About 5 months ago I really got into playing the 20NL (or 25NL depending on the site) tables. I'd throw in some 50NL and 100 on and off. Now, that's just about all I play. I'll move up in limits or numbers of tables played simultaneously as I increase my bankroll.

    Poker botting is difficult exactly for the reasons you mentioned (: But, don't worry, my friend and I have tried our best not to forget those extremely important aspects of the game. Programming such concepts require way more than hand analysis. You have to keep track of opponent habits through various stats. I never said it was easy. Haha. But, poker itself is never easy :)

    Best of luck on your journey! I love hearing for others who play poker and trade.