You must do the things you think you cannot do.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, July 9, 2010

Last trade for the evening (morning?)

Made a 4.4pip trade that I should've held for just a little longer. It was really a good trade overall, but I screwed up in several parts. I got a good entry (I told myself the market would go to 1.2715 and I shorted at 1.2713ish). Good entry. I then stayed in a little too long when I should've taken a quick 6pips. I couldn't tell if the market would fall fast or continue up. Oh well, I stayed in. Luckily I had a comfy position, otherwise I may have been scared out.

I need to realize these moves take a little more time than I am mentally allowing. Anyway, I had a limit order in for 10pips and got out early because I just couldn't handle the stress. Oh well, the market fell to where I thought it would. And! the worst part is the chart looked like it would do that. But I needed to relieve my stress. I think I'm going to study some (not market related) and get some rest.

Account up to $30.07 or +$2.13 (21.3 pips) and about 7.6% overall.

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