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- Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poor But Profitable (slightly)

I think we'll be over 1.27 sometime soon, but this trade here was made a little too late for my tastes. I focused on the five minute and didn't pull out to the 15 min until after the entry (although I did check the daily, which motivated my decision to enter yet another long).

You may be saying to yourself (and I know I am), that these scalps are terribly unprofitable. Well, they obviously aren't, albeit a negative trade could definitely hurt (I'm keeping my losses on these trades from 5-10 pips, with a bias towards the 5pip side). But the thing that has me saying that these trades are unprofitable is the amount of money that goes towards the spread. I get a decent spread that can sometimes be below 1pip, but even so, it averages ~2-2.5 which is a large portion of my trade. The only reason I trade them is because I figure I have a decent edge on my side and I want to get my feet wet.

Eventually, I hope to increase the amount my trades take in (a good idea, no doubt). Just giving myself a little time to get back in the game.

Anyway, the trade netted 2.5 pips bringing the account to $29.89 or a total gain of ~6.94%. Hoping for a trade that I can gracefully exit. Then again, the .8pip trade from the other day could fall into that category. I just want to know that I won't hold on long after things have fallen through...we'll see.

PS: Decided to add something on to my rules; I hadn't mentioned how many lots I would trade. Right now I will trade a single lot. Once I am at two times my original account size (27.95*2 = $55.90) I will increase my lot size to two. Should be careful enough.

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