You must do the things you think you cannot do.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back at it

Traded the AUD/USD and EUR/USD today for a 4.7 pip gain in AUDUSD and a 13.3 pip gain in EURUSD. That brings me up to $43.94, a daily gain of ~4.3 %, or an overall gain of ~57%.

I haven't been trading much these last few open days. Most of my time has been focused on reading and researching. In addition to Golf is Not a Game of Perfect, I would recommend Super Trader as referenced on Kirk's site here. I've gotten started a couple other books, but I'll hold off talking about them until I'm done.

Also, I added some poker blogs to the far right column (below that long "sources" list). Those listed here play a wide range of limits and types. Definitely check out a few if that's your thing (probably just Black Bottle, haha).

Edit: I put 1.33 pips instead of 13.3. Was thinking in terms of dollars. Corrected.


  1. i will agree to you on this one,,super trader is a really insightful book. any one serious not only needs to read it but also implement the functions described in the book...the results will be amazing for sure : )..nice trades anon.

  2. Lol Anon :) I wanted to buy that book too earlier. But I have too much in the list right now. Rem you introduced me the tao of poker and mathematics of poker? The shipment reached my house last night (together with couple of other poker books by Negreanu and one of them introduced by L&W). I tink I'll spend much time into books-meditation :)

    Mathematics of poker seem to be a scary book with the so much formulas! But I'll try to understand as much as I could heh..

  3. And thanks for sharing the links, been looking for some poker blogs to subscribe. :) and well done to your trading!

  4. MS, glad you liked it to.

    FFXD, ty.

    Black, hope you like the Tao of Poker. Mathematics of Poker can be a little intense, so perhaps read it over a period of time. Glad you appreciate the poker blog links :) Like I said above, I'm not sure if anyone else will! Haha.