You must do the things you think you cannot do.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two days in one

Made this 22.7 pip trade today (well, yesterday and today). It had a little more drawdown than I would like (~3:2). My entry could have been better. Perhaps much better. Anyway, took profit at the 1.320 mark, although I don't see why the EURUSD couldn't trade even higher sometime in the future.

22.7 pips puts my account at $42.05 or an overall 50% gain (141 pips). I doubt I'll be able to keep this up, but at least this gives me a little more of a cushion.

PS: Looks like the bull-flag breakout will still continue higher. And, no, my computer is not at risk. I'm actually running WinXP and FXCM in VirtualBox on my Linux laptop. =)


  1. Well done and have faith, you can keep it up! Just wondering... why you have a Linux laptop?

  2. Thanks FFXD :)

    I do the whole "I can't keep it up" thing when I make a good trade in order to curb any overconfidence that might develop. I'll do a "I'll do much better next time" when I take a loss in order to curb negative feelings. It's just something I've developed over the last two years of trading and playing poker. It definitely helps me keep focused on what matters.

    And I have Linux on my laptop because it was sort of a personal challenge to see if I could survive using it as the main operating system (obviously I'm using tools to run Windows based programs). So far it's been much easier than it was ~8 years ago; but, it can still be frustrating at times, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for ease of use and step-by-step support :)