You must do the things you think you cannot do.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Short Update

Haven't been doing any trading these last couple of days. I spent some time moving and some more time hanging out with friends. Any other free time I had available went into making stock/currency price spreadsheets. I'd love to get back into trading the S&P eminis, but would like to have a much, much better grasp of the overall market before I buy/sell a contract. I'm going to be back in school soon, so I'm not entirely sure when I will get to trade some ES; albeit, there will be a ton of prep work beforehand.

On a side note, I played some poker over the weekend with a couple of friends. $10 buyin and I ended up with $13.75. I had a slight advantage even though one guy plays poker at his office amongst various options traders. Fun stuff. Live games are so much more engaging than online poker games. You just can't beat it.


  1. My girlfriend :D Haha. I wish.

  2. LOL! After I showed my brother-in-law the movie "Deal", followed by "Rounders", he got so obsessed with hold'em now and we are having it almost every Saturday night with some relatives and friends. Real life poker is really something different!