You must do the things you think you cannot do.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, November 30, 2009

Longer Update

This evening I had some time and got into some poker. I did very well minimizing tilt and maximizing profit while playing two tables. I held onto my strategy even while getting dealt terrible cards and getting bad beats and river beats, which made me proud. Midway through, I pulled myself up and went on to make some "big" bucks (up to $12.57).

Right now I want to continue playing on the $.02/.04 limit tables with $.30 average pot sizes or larger. When I get up to $20, then I'll take a step up in limits. I've broken the rule before and it rarely goes well (at least not for any extended period of time): You need to play the games that your bankroll can handle!

As for the dip in the chart, I played some poker last week on a shoddy internet connection. I kept getting kicked off with a good hand or with money in the pot (which normally got lost, whether or not I was ahead at the time). I couldn't take the stress and wasn't thinking well enough to log off when I should have. Finding myself on tilt, I took an easy ~$1 hit before I kicked myself off.

The more I work on strategy and emotion the better I will do as I progress up through the limits. Also, working on strategy and emotion in a poker environment transfers, albeit nowhere near perfectly, to a market environment. And seeing that I want to run an FXCM account on this site as well, I think I will have two interesting strategies to develop side by side.

Take care, and remember: Play/Trade well, and the money will follow.


  1. Switch to 'no limit' for increased intellectual satisfaction as it is a *much* more subtle game. Limit seems to be about the hand that is ahead raising and the draws calling even if they shouldn't :-)

    'Intellectual satisfaction' is though over-rated compared to profit I suppose.

  2. I agree =) Definitely a different game and more intellectually stimulating. But I need to wait until I have at least $20 or else my 'risk of ruin' is too high.

    PS: The draws are how I make money! =) people keep going to the river where tehy don't hit anything and then keep going thinking they can win with jack high or a pair of threes. Haha.

    If I can get intellectual satisfaction and profit I'm in the gold. Soon. Soon =]

  3. Played some no-limit after debating whether or not it was a good idea. Haha. Made some money =) A love the no-limit game so much more. Mmm. More difficult, but, like you said, more rewarding.

  4. micro-stake NL is still "No Fold 'em Hold 'em" so charging for draws is a good strategy as they will often still call without getting the right odds.

    If your poker experiment goes ****-up don't blame me though!!

  5. If you don't take the blame, you can't take the credit.

    As of last night, I'm up to $15.08. =]